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To be convinced of the benefits of McLube products we suggest you evaluate the appropriate product under your particular production conditions. Free no-obligation evaluation samples, technical assistance and custom formulations that suggest themselves to meet critical application problems are available on request.

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We have the right anti-tack solution. Our products are formulated in easy-to-use water based concentrate. Unlike normal anti-tack/slab dip slurries, our coatings do not require more than a gentle mix utilizing your current process equipment. Our expertise lies in formulation and application of our coatings — not trying to sell you on expensive proprietary equipment. McLube products are non-dusting, environmental and operator friendly. Our Anti-Stick coatings come in spray and liquid mediums available in sizes from 12 oz. spray cans to 275 gallon totes. All of this makes McLube the right fit for any size job.

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Currently Available Water-Based
Anti-Stick and Slab Dip Coatings:

McLube 1829   Anti-Stick Coating

McLube 1829 Anti-Stick Coating

Water based fluorochemical emulsion. General purpose release and anti-stick coating. Cost effective replacement for silicone oil, soap, wax and powder based formulations for anti-tack and anti-stick applications.

Typical Applications:

  • Cured Rubber Parts,
  • Pellets,
  • Slugs,
  • Uncured Rubber


  • SBR,
  • EPDM,
  • CPE,
  • Natural Rubber,
  • Nitrile,
  • Butyl

Available in:

  • 12 oz. Spray Cans,
  • Gallon Container,
  • 5 Gallon Pail,
  • 55 Gallon Drums,
  • 275 Gallon Totes
Custom Formulations | Expert Advice | Free Samples

No Currently Available Solvent-Based Anti-Stick and Slab Dip Coatings