Proven Technology:

Water & Solvent Based Mold Release That Works...Period !

The McLube Division of McGee Industries, Inc. manufactures safe, effective, and economical mold release agents, mold release sprays, and anti-stick coatings to meet virtually every manufacturing need.

McLube mold release systems contain polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a fluorochemical and resin-based formulation with excellent release properties and manufacturing benefits, including:

– Extreme temperature tolerances
– Longevity and durability
– NO transfer
– NO interference with finishing or bonding
– Water- and solvent-based options

McLube release agents are effective on a variety of materials, including:

- Rubber
- Plastic
- Composite
- Wood fiber
- Concrete
- Stone veneer
- Polyurethane

McLube releases are also suitable for use in laminating, extruding, filament winding and hose manufacturing.

The benefits of switching to McLube include:

- Superior release properties
- Cleaner working conditions
- Environmentally and operator friendly
- Ease of application
- Fewer maintenance concerns

Not sure what product is right for your process? Our technical representatives have the expertise and industry-specific knowledge to assist in choosing a mold release and application method for any material.

Discover what thousands of our customers already know, McLube is mold release and anti-stick technology that works . . . from the mold to the finish line.