• Compression RIM Molding
  • Encapsulating
  • Filament Winding
  • Injection
  • Laminating
  • Masking
  • Potting
  • Transfer


  • Elastomers Plastics Composites Metallic molds Nonmetallic molds


  • Solvent Based
  • Ease of Application
  • Multiple Releases per application
  • No Transfer
  • Outstanding Chemical and Thermal Stability

McLube 1720L Dry Release Coating & Dry Lubricant


McLube 1720L (NSN 9150-01-325-9816)is a solvent dispersion of a solid active ingredient with exhibits low friction and excellent antistick/release characteristics. McLube 1720L furnishes a release coating for all types of rubber and plastic and works equally well on metallic and nonmetallic molds at temperatures up to 550°F. Additionally, the coating formed by McLube 1720L is an excellent dry lubricant exhibiting a low coefficient of friction.

Technical Data:

  • Color and appearance................White, translucent dispersion
  • Dispersing medium.....................Solvent blend - heptane, ethanol, butyl acetate
  • Specific gravity............................0.81
  • Weight per gallon (lbs.)..............6.7

Application Method:

    McLube 1720L is a dispersion of solid particles and must be mixed thoroughly prior to and periodically during use. For many applications, the product can be diluted with an equal part of solvent. Solvents, such as toluene, naphtha, isopropanol or ethyl acetate can be used for dilution. Solvent extenders present hazards in handling and use, particularly flammable solvents. Safe handling precautions provided by solvent suppliers should be followed carefully. Surfaces to be treated should be cleaned and dried before applying McLube 1720L, For molds with resin or old release coatings buildup, abrading the surface followed by a solvent wash may be necessary. Any conventional application method can be used for the product - spraying, dipping, wiping or brushing. For treating molds, spraying is preferred. A thin, even coating should be applied, followed by a second coating after the first has dried. For the first few cycles, it is recommended the mold be coated each time; thereafter, several cycles per application should be obtainable, and the mold surface should stay cleaner longer.

Safety and Handling:

    The Material Safety Data Sheet for McLube 1720L should be reviewed before using the product. The precautions to be observed in handling McLube 1720L are those related to the solvent blend in the product - heptane, ethanol, butyl acetate. These solvents are flammable, and thus, the product should be kept away from heat, sparks and flames. Use only with adequate ventilation, especially in enclosed areas. The active ingredient is essentially nontoxic, but heating it above 550°F may cause formation of potentially harmful substances. Smoking should not be permitted while using McLube 1720L, and contamination of tobacco products should be avoided.


Gallon Container, 5 Gallon Pail


For expert technical assistance in selecting the optimum product to meet your specific requirements and to be convinced of the benefits of McLube lubricant coatings, we recommend you evaluate the appropriate product under your specific conditions. Samples and technical assistance are available, as well as custom formulations that suggest themselves for a specific application.