• Chip board
  • Glulam
  • High density fiberboard (HDF)
  • I-joist
  • Laminated lumber
  • Low density fiberboard (LDF)
  • Medium density fiberboard (MDF)
  • Oriented strand board (OSB)
  • Oriented wafer board (OWB)
  • Particle board
  • Plywood
  • Structural composite lumber (strand lumber)


  • Methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI)
  • Polymeric diphenylmethane diisocyanate (pMDI)
  • Phenolic
  • Urea formaldehyde (UF)
  • Phenol formaldehyde (PF)


  • Water Based
  • Chemically Inert
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Multiple Release Cycles
  • No Transfer
  • Operator Friendly
  • Thermally Stable

McLube 1777 Engineered Wood Mold Release Agent


Water based mold release agent supplied as a concentrate. PTFE colorless water based dispersion for general purpose and hard to release compounds. Excellent mold release agent for FKM, ECO, neoprene, and other organic rubber compounds and parts.

Technical Data:

  • Color and appearance.................Thick, white fluid dispersion
  • Dispersing medium.....................Water
  • Specific gravity...........................1.0
  • Weight per gallon (lbs.)...............8.5

Application Method:

    McLube 1777 water based mold release agent requires dilution prior to application. One part McLube to two parts water is a suggested starting point, but it is possible that further dilutions will still furnish excellent release results. Since the product and various dilutions will settle on standing, mixing prior to use, and periodically during use, is required. Surface to be treated should be clean, dry and particularly free of oily residues or other release coatings. The diluted product can be applied by conventional methods such as wiping, brushing or, preferably, spraying. For best results, application should be made to hot surfaces to permit rapid evaporation of water.

Safety and Handling:

    The Material Safety Data Sheet should be reviewed before using the product. The solid active ingredients in McLube 1777 are essentially nontoxic, but heating the solids above 550°F may result in the possible formation of harmful fumes. Smoking should not be permitted while using the product and contamination of tobacco products with McLube 1777 should be avoided. Freezing of the product should be avoided, but if freezing occurs, it is possible to restore product uniformity with mechanical agitation.


Gallon Container, 5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum, 275 Gallon Tote


For expert technical assistance in selecting the optimum product to meet your specific requirements and to be convinced of the benefits of McLube lubricant coatings, we recommend you evaluate the appropriate product under your specific conditions. Samples and technical assistance are available, as well as custom formulations that suggest themselves for a specific application.