• Cultured granite
  • Cultured marble
  • Cultured onyx
  • Cultured quartz
  • Engineered stone


  • Epoxy
  • Stone


  • Solvent Based
  • Absence of mold buildup
  • Dry colorless clean non-oily film
  • Excellent adhesion to substrates
  • High degree of slip
  • Multiple releases per application
  • No interference with post finishing
  • No transfer
  • Thermally stable to 1000ºF
  • Will not cause knit lines

MAC 971 - Aggregate Mold Release Agent


MAC-971 is a solvent-based release agent that bonds to the surface of a mold but will not transfer to the molded part. Product will cure at room temperature and remain inert and thermally stable. Suitable for use with epoxies (thermosets and prepregs), phenolic, polyester and thermoplastic compounds.

Technical Data:

  • Color and appearance - Clear Liquid
  • Dispersing medium - Heptane
  • Specific gravity - 0.7
  • Weight per gallon (lbs.) - 5.7

Application Method:

    Apply the product to a clean, dry mold free of previous release agents, grime and sealers. We recommend using a solvent to clean the mold surface. Apply a thin, even coating. The product may be sprayed, brushed or wiped (with a clean, lint-free cloth) onto the mold surface. Apply two to three base coats on a fresh mold, allowing 30 minutes between coats for solvent evaporation. After the final coat is applied, allow at least 60 minutes for the coating to cure. Curing can be accelerated by heating the mold to 250°F for five minutes.
    Drying/curing times will be dependent on ambient temperature and humidity.

    Reapply after the first two or three pulls. Additional coats may be applied to increase the coating's longevity.

Safety and Handling:

    Review the Safety Data Sheet prior to use. This product is solvent-based and flammable-keep away from sparks, flames and heat. Always employ appropriate safety equipment. Ensure proper ventilation in enclosed areas.


1-gallon, 5-gallon pail, 55-gallon drum


For expert technical assistance in selecting the optimum product to meet your specific requirements and to be convinced of the benefits of McLube lubricant coatings, we recommend you evaluate the appropriate product under your specific conditions. Samples and technical assistance are available, as well as custom formulations that suggest themselves for a specific application.