Moly Oil Dispersions


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McLube’s Moly Oil Dispersions are ideal for oven chain lubrication and other high-temperature applications where the consistency of greases and pastes is not ideal. The oil base of these products acts a carrier, delivering Molybdenum Disulfide directly to the application site. Dispersing Moly in an oil base is far cleaner than using powders, eliminating extra cleaning steps and containment equipment. Unlike graphite, Molybdenum Disulfide (Moly) is an intrinsically solid lubricant which will reduce friction even in the absence of water or other carriers. Moly’s familiar crystalline structure incorporates larger spaces between molecules that allow for planar sheets to shear, or slide past one another, resulting in an exceedingly low coefficient of friction. Moly will remain on surfaces in extreme temperature conditions after the carrier has volatilized, providing consistent, long-lasting lubrication. McLube® also offers Moly Dispersions that act as both lubricant and penetrating fluid. Contact McLube® and one of our Technical Representatives will help you select the ideal Moly oil dispersion for your needs.

Details & Benefits


  • High temperature tolerance
  • Impart a low coefficient of friction on the applied surface
  • No Carbon or resinous deposits after volatilization
  • Thin, non-fouling lubricant coating
  • Reduce the frequency of stuck connectors when applied at assembly
  • Will not degrade elastomeric or polymeric compounds


  • Conveyor chains used in heat-treated ovens
  • High temperature lubrication applications
  • Bearings and sliding surfaces that contain a liquid lubricant
  • Hard-to-reach areas that are difficult to lubricate with greases and pastes
  • Freeing stuck and frozen bolts, nuts, pulleys, and pins

Consult a local McLube® Technical Representative to find the ideal formula available for your needs. Featured products displayed on this page from time to time are for promotional purposes only and do not represent the full product line McLube® offers for this particular material or application. Product availability, including container sizes, concentrations, and aerosols, will vary by country or region. Names of certain products may also vary slightly (prefix, suffix, etc.) depending on your location without affecting performance.

McLube® Marine

Our Marine Division is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance dry lubricants (SAILKOTE®) and low-friction hull coatings for professional sailors, Olympians, and boating enthusiasts alike. We provide reliable dry lubricants for everything that slides and environmentally-conscious hull coatings with unparalleled anti-friction characteristics. Our ONE DROP® Ball Bearing Conditioner is the only product Harken® recommends for everything that rolls. Team McLube® partnered with Harken® in 1998 to provide top-quality coatings and polishes to sailors around the world.

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