PTFE Powder


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Polytetrafluoroethylene, also known as PTFE or Teflon®, is a chemically inert fluoropolymer with the lowest coefficient of friction of any solid. The unique structure of PTFE molecules also gives this material excellent hydrophobic qualities and the ability to repel dust, dirt, and grime that would stick to oil-based lubricants. PTFE powder may be compounded or tumbled with a variety of materials for anti-stick applications or blended with liquid dispersants to create a mold release agent or dry film lubricant. Contact McLube® for more information about our bulk PTFE powder or continue reading for more information.

Details & Benefits


Technical Properties

Color/Appearance: Fine, white powder
Average Particle Size: 10.0 microns (d50)
Melting Range: 610-630°F (322-333°C)
Decomposition Temperature: 600-750°F (325-400°C)



Blending with Polymers, Elastomers, and Composites
Compounded in to provide inherent anti-sticking properties and improved abrasion resistance. Will not interfere with material integration, curing, or vulcanization.

Blending with Paints and Inks
Compounded in to improve slip properties and abrasion resistance. Can be used with epoxy, acrylics, urethanes, printing inks, sealants, and variety of waxes.

PTFE powder may be tumbled with tacky polymeric or elastomeric materials to prevent sticking and repel water and other contaminants. Powdered PTFE may also be “thumbed” onto parts to aid assembly and insertion.

PTFE powder may be blended in water, solvents, oils, or greases for more effective delivery of PTFE’s low coefficient of friction to the substrate.

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McLube® Formulated PTFE Products

McLube® offers a variety of specialty formulated PTFE coatings dispersed in water and solvent mediums. These coatings contain other proprietary ingredients that enhance the low coefficient of friction of PTFE with improved coating durability, slip, and wetting characteristics. McLube® PTFE release agents form a thin, durable releasing film on molds and other tooling that is non-oily, non-transferring, and offers multiple releases per application. Learn more about McLube® PTFE Release Agents here. Our water and solvent-based PTFE dry film lubricants are less messy than oil-based lubricants, able to significantly reduce friction between any two surfaces while also repelling dirt, moisture, and other contaminants. Learn more about our PTFE Dry film Lubricants here.

Consult a local McLube® Technical Representative to find the ideal formula available for your needs. Featured products displayed on this page from time to time are for promotional purposes only and do not represent the full product line McLube® offers for this particular material or application. Product availability, including container sizes, concentrations, and aerosols, will vary by country or region. Names of certain products may also vary slightly (prefix, suffix, etc.) depending on your location without affecting performance.

McLube® Marine

Our Marine Division is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance dry lubricants (SAILKOTE®) and low-friction hull coatings for professional sailors, Olympians, and boating enthusiasts alike. We provide reliable dry lubricants for everything that slides and environmentally-conscious hull coatings with unparalleled anti-friction characteristics. Our ONE DROP® Ball Bearing Conditioner is the only product Harken® recommends for everything that rolls. Team McLube® partnered with Harken® in 1998 to provide top-quality coatings and polishes to sailors around the world.

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