Product Lines

McLube offers a full line of cost-effective release agents, anti-stick coatings, lubricants, and industrial cleaners tailored to specific materials and applications to solve even the most complex process challenges. We also offer custom formulations for unique and exacting applications.

Rubber Tire

Release Agents

McLube® provides unparalleled release agents for all elastomeric, polymeric, and composites materials. Our line of release agents includes permanent, semi-permanent, and sacrificial coatings of various types and chemistries, including heat-cured, paintable, dilutable, and aerosolized options. Contact us for help with solving your most complex molding challenges.

Industrial Lubricants

McLube® has offered lubrication technology for over sixty years. Our line of industrial lubricants has grown to include a variety of PTFE and Moly dry-film lubricants, temporary and enhanced-slip assembly lubricants, and molybdenum disulfide-fortified greases, chain lubricants, and penetrating oils. We also offer PTFE and Molybdenum disulfide in powder form for compounding or tumble lubrication.

Anti-Stick Coatings

McLube® offers dilutable external coatings for elastomeric and polymeric ant-stick applications. These water-based coatings deliver superior anti-stick properties directly to the material without the safety and housekeeping concerns of talc or stearates. Our anti-stick coatings can be applied directly to uncured rubbers and polymers or incorporated into a dip bath or recirculating system.

Industrial Cleaners

McLube® offers a variety of mold cleaners and other industrial cleaning agents designed to reduce the amount of time and abrasion required to remove tenacious buildup on molds, tooling, and other equipment. Our line of industrial cleaners includes products for metallic and non-metallic surfaces.


McLube also offers custom-modified and custom-formulated products for unique and challenging applications.

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