Determining Solid Content


• Transfer pipets

• Aluminum weighing dishes

• Scale (analytical balance to 1 mg)

• General-purpose lab oven

• Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the product being tested (review prior to testing)

• Safety equipment (including ventilation and fire safety equipment/measures)


1. DO NOT use or otherwise handle hazardous materials unless you have the proper knowledge, expertise, and equipment necessary to do so. Obtain and review an up-to-date SDS for the product prior to testing. Ensure you have adequate ventilation in the testing area and employ all safety equipment recommended for handling the product, which may include, but may not be limited to, face and eye protection, respiratory protection, gloves, and fire safety equipment.

2. Record the analysis date, product batch number, product name, quantity, tester initials, and date of manufacture in the laboratory notebook (recommended).

3. Mark the product name and batch number on the bottom of an aluminum weighing dish.

4. Tare the balance and record the weight of the empty dish.

5. Mix the sample to disperse any solids.

6. Transfer 10-15 g of sample to the dish. A smaller sample size may be used to expedite the analysis of rush samples.

7. Record the weight of the dish plus sample.

8. Place the sample in an oven at about 257°F (125ºC) and dry to constant weight. For solvent-based products this may
be less than one hour. For water-based/aqueous products this may require several hours.

9. Tare the balance and record the weight of the dish plus dry sample.

10. Calculate the percent solids using the following calculation:

% Solids =

11. Properly dispose of the samples tested as per instructions found on the SDS, or other safety data provided by the distributor or manufacturer of the product. 


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