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McLube® offers a diverse line of mandrel release agents and mandrel lubricants to suit the individual process requirements of hose and belt manufacturer’s around the world. Our products are currently used to produce hoses, tubes, and belts in the automotive, hydraulic, industrial, aerospace, medical, and food processing industries. McLube® mandrel lubricants are proven to dramatically reduce loading force (formed tubes) and pull force to improve the overall efficiency of hose manufacturing processes and reduce stress-related injuries. Continue reading for more information or contact us today for expert process assistance and samples.

Details & Benefits

By Process

For Rigid and Flexible Mandrels

McLube® offers a range of water and solvent-based release agents for rigid and flexible mandrels with ideal anti-stick properties and slip coefficients for easier breakoffs and effortless pulls. These products are free of silicone oils that cause pin-holing and bond to the mandrel to reduce or eliminate transfer to the inside diameter. Many of our water-based mandrel release agents can be diluted in-house with standard tap water to offer additional cost savings. McLube® mandrel release agents are proven to increase the efficiency of hose manufacturing operations as well as extend the effective lifespan of metallic and nonmetallic mandrels. All of our existing mandrel lubricants may be modified to meet user specifications, including custom concentrations, slip coefficients, and compatibility with post-production operations. Contact us today and one of our local Technical Representatives will help you achieve your process goals.

Specialty Bent/ Formed Hoses

McLube® offers carrier-free lubricants for bent mandrel operations with medium-to-high viscosity levels. Our products for formed mandrels are designed to reduce the amount of manual effort that goes into every push and pull. These products contain a high degree of slip to aid loading/ pushing and are durable enough to withstand harsh autoclave conditions to facilitate pulls post-cure. While exceedingly durable, these coatings may be easily cleaned from mandrels and hoses post-operation. Our products are thermally stable to 500°F (260°C) or higher and will not cause spotting or other defects. Contact us today and one of our experienced Technical Representatives will help improve the efficiency of your formed hose operation.

Mandrel-built Composites

McLube® also offers water and solvent-based release agents for filament winding, prepregs, and other mandrel-built composites. Click here for more information about our release agents for composites manufacturing.


  • Superior lubricity and anti-stick release performance
  • No transferring, non-spotting, dust-free
  • Water-based (VOC-free) and solvent-based (fast-drying) options
  • Custom concentrates for inhouse dilution
  • Custom slip characteristics for optimal loading/pushing and release
  • Prevent pitting, pin-holing, and other defects
  • High heat and pressure tolerances for harsh curing conditions
  • Will not chemically interact with hose materials
  • Reduce blow-off pressures during ejection
  • Protect mandrels from rust and corrosion over time
  • Cleaner, safer, and more effective than powder-based coatings


Supported Hose Materials

All natural and synthetic rubbers, including:

  • EPDM, FKM, Vamac®, silicone rubber, natural rubber, chlorinated rubber, SBR, ECO, NBR, Hypalon®


Other hose materials:

  • PVC, Acrylic

Supported Mandrel Types


  • Nylon, polypropylene, polyethylene, rubber


Rigid, Bent/formed:

  • Steel, stainless steel, aluminum

Consult a local McLube® Technical Representative to find the ideal formula available for your needs. Featured products displayed on this page from time to time are for promotional purposes only and do not represent the full product line McLube® offers for this particular material or application. Product availability, including container sizes, concentrations, and aerosols, will vary by country or region. Names of certain products may also vary slightly (prefix, suffix, etc.) depending on your location without affecting performance.

McLube® Marine

Our Marine Division is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance dry lubricants (SAILKOTE®) and low-friction hull coatings for professional sailors, Olympians, and boating enthusiasts alike. We provide reliable dry lubricants for everything that slides and environmentally-conscious hull coatings with unparalleled anti-friction characteristics. Our ONE DROP® Ball Bearing Conditioner is the only product Harken® recommends for everything that rolls. Team McLube® partnered with Harken® in 1998 to provide top-quality coatings and polishes to sailors around the world.

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